Cibecue Falls


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Cibecue Falls has been on my radar for close to a year now. I stumbled upon this hidden waterfall hike when I was pregnant with my second baby. I remember at last summer I started looking into what this hike would take and if I could handle it while pregnant. Ladies, I would highly recommend NOT doing this hike while pregnant. There was a lot more rock climbing, jumping and bouldering then I had originally anticipated. The hike itself is easy. It is just under 3 miles and there isn’t a big incline at all. I found the most difficult part was the doubt I placed on my body. Trying to jump from rock to rock with poor balance at first. I am happy to report I did not fall! YAY! My husband and I were the only ones on the trail which was very neat. This hike did not disappoint at all.

Things to know before hiking Cibecue Falls in Arizona:

1. You must purchase a day permit. The cost is $30 per person.

2. Wear hiking shoes and bring extra socks! Your feet will get wet… no way around it.

3. There are no facilities around. Bring some TP.

4. Food and water. This is a must whenever hiking but, this location is pretty secluded. I packed extra just incase — never go unprepared.

5. Don’t forget to look up. You are surrounded by these beautiful canyons. Take a moment, stop – and look up.

Reference Links:

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