Horseshoe Bend


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Living in Arizona most of my life I never took full advantage of all the amazing things to see until I moved away when I was in my mid-20s. While I was living in Ohio I started to miss Arizona, which is a surprise in itself when you leave here your entire life. Horseshoe Bend has become a must see place for me over the past couple years. One of my goals for 2018 was to actually start chipping away at my ever growing hiking list. It has been challenging of the past couple years as I have been pregnant on and off since 2015. 2018 is all about living the best life and being the best version of myself I can. That being said… I don’t stop doing things that I enjoy just because I have small kids.

On the list was Horseshoe Bend located in Page, Arizona. My husband I figured since it was around 6 hours away that it would be best to turn this into an over night trip to make it easier on us and the kids. We stayed at the Wingate by Wyndham Page Lake Powell. The hotel was about 10 minutes from the canyon which made the entire process a lot smoother.

It is also important to note that there are no guard rails or anything keeping you from falling off the canyon. How did we tackle this with kids? For our youngest baby we used a Tula baby carrier . This was my first time trying out this carrier and I regretted that had taken me 5 months to put it on. I had great back and shoulder support with no pressure or strain anywhere.  It allowed me to still have access to both of my arms while feeling very balanced and in control. Now, on the other hand — we have a toddler. I without a doubt was a nervous mama with him. My husband held our toddler most of the time because of the lack of guard rails and my toddlers strong desire to climb all things rocks.

There was plenty of parking when you get there so don’t worry about running out of spots or how to access the canyon. Once you park there is a sign and clear directions for you to go up and around this little hill to get out to the canyon area. It was recommended to us to be there around 4:00 PM to watch as the sun begins to set over the water. It was beautiful. The sun hits the water and it is just magical. These pictures do not  do the view justice.

Horseshoe Bend in Page, Arizona


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