The Flower Fields


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Spring is officially here and I have sunshine on my mind.  I have been in a really stressed out place lately with work and life that I needed to just get away. The Flower Fields in CA is becoming one of my regular spring spots to hang. I first stumbled upon the Flower Fields last year when I was pregnant with my second son and fell in love. It is a sight to see with all the flowers and the ocean breeze. Plus, there is a bonus!! It is very kid-friendly with tractor rides, children’s mazes and a passport floral hunt to see all the attractions.

Who could be stressed out or angry when you are surrounded by so much outdoor beauty? Something about visiting California gives me an instant calming effect. It could just be the change in scenery but, once I am there unplugged from my day to day…I can breathe. Having the ability to take a moment to decompress and hang out with my family in the flowers was just what I needed. Next time you are in Carlsbad, CA you have to head over to The Flower Fields.

Overall, it is very affordable. They are open every day during their peak season and appear very accommodating to everyone. There is something to do for everyone in the family.  Last year I went in late April compared to March and I have to say that in April there were more bloomed flowers and both sides were heavily covered. This year it seemed like only one side was bloomed so far. My guess was that it was just because it was early in the season. Also, there were no lines at all because we went on a Sunday morning.

P.S For my military families they do offer a military discount and the kids were free! Score!!


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