Broadway Cave

Broadway Cave Superstition Mountains


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I am always on the hunt for a “close” hike that has a cool destination at the end. For me it’s a mental thing to make a trek with a reward at the end. I haven’t been to the Superstition Mountains in awhile so I knew I wanted to head that way. It was a toss up between Wave Cave or the Broadway Cave that I found via Instagram. I ended up over at the Broadway Cave for a couple of reasons:

  1. The drive from my house was under an hour! (Huge win!)
  2. Broadway Cave seemed less trafficked by people.
  3. A different view. I wanted to go somewhere that not everyone goes all the time.
  4. It was rated Hard on  — which was like a direct invitation to go there.

So off we went! The hike started off nice and easy. The Joshua’s Trial is very clean and easily to identify. There are clear marked signs throughout. However, there are no signs or real identifiers of how to get over to the Broadway Cave. The main indicator that we  saw we need to go “slight” right up the trial was a stack of rocks. We followed what looked like a wash that was going straight up. The hard part of this hike is towards the end because the trial is not clear. We relied on rock stacks and using my hiking app which outlined the trial a bit more clear then Google. You can quickly lose sight of the trial very fast due to the abundance of desert plants everywhere. There are a lot of cacti around and tons of jumping cactus. It is really important to watch your footing which can be hard when you are tired from the heat because there was no shade coverage until the end when you reach the cave. At one point I turned around and just see cacti for miles and miles. I felt so incredibly small in this grand place.


The cave itself was really cool. I felt a little uneasy for a couple reasons quite quickly. There was a lot of graffiti and trash which was unfortunate. The cave had a weird smell and some bat noises. I was scared the bats were going to swoop down and attack us. I know.. not realistic but, it was my reality for a moment. My husband and I regrouped, ate some snacks while enjoy the shade. The hike back was a lot quicker. Took us about 40 min give or take to get down off the mountain. There are a ton of loss rocks so I would highly recommend hiking boots with a good grip.




Get there:

Broadway Cave via Joshua’s Trial at Superstition Mountains


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