Seven Magic Mountains

Recently I read about these “colored” rock stacks about an hour west of Las Vegas. I started doing more research and learned that it was actually an art exhibit called the “Seven Magic Mountains”. I instantly told myself I needed to witness this myself first hand. During my research I learned that it is only set to be up until the end of 2018. We don’t visit Las Vegas as often as one would think even though we have family there. This was my opportunity to check it out! It was about 30-40 min west of Henderson, NV. There were a bunch of cars parked in a make shift lot and you just walk a short distance up to the exhibit. Here is where you can find more helpful driving directions:

My first impression was that this was pretty magnificent and unique. The pop of color in the middle of the Nevada desert was probably the coolest part. I had my family with me so, I recommend that for smaller kids bringing a stroller with a cover because it was pretty windy when we got there. Our 2 year-old that it was awesome! He was running around pointing at all the colors and trying to move smaller rocks. Sorry to the other guests that end up with my son popping into your photos! HA!

We went around 2 PM in the afternoon and it didn’t appear super busy but, this was my first time here. I think this would be absolutely gorgeous during the sunrise with the sun coming over the mountains. I also noticed everyone was really polite to allow you to snap your pictures without getting into the frame which I thought was very kind. Some places people just aren’t aware of their surroundings or what people are doing in tourist type locations.

If you find yourself heading out to the Las Vegas area I recommend just taking a couple hours to go see this site. It is only scheduled to be up until 2018 according to the artist’s blog. Another positive is that it’s FREE!


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