Arizona Waterfalls | Cibecue Falls

Earlier this year we went out and hiked to this beautiful place located about 2 hours east of San Tan Valley, Arizona. It was still a bit cold when we first went so we really wanted to hit this trail again now that it is a bit warmer. Yesterday, my hubby and I made the trek out to this “secret” (not so secret) place.

Are you a waterfall chaser?

Brittany Donnelly_Waterfall

After I posted a couple photos yesterday on Instagram I started to get a lot of questions of whether or not it is kid or baby friendly. I wanted to help and take a moment to explain my point of view on this topic.

This hike is short, just under 3 miles it only takes about an hour from the parking lot to get to the waterfall. It is not a strenuous hike that challenges your endurance because it is fairly flat the entire time. The challenge I can start to see if you choose to babywear or choose to bring toddlers along would be the lack of stability and continuous river crossing that is needed to get to the beauty that is Cibecue Falls.

Do you find yourselves hunting for a local destination hike that brings you to a majestic hidden waterfall?


The trail is clearly marked in the beginning then you find yourself crossing back and forth the river as you walk along the river to the back of the mountains. I am very pro babywearingwhen applicable. The water does get deep in some areas and you find yourself jumping from rock to rock. At some points the water was past my knees during the hike. I highly recommend hiking boots to assist your stability. I don’t think its impossible if you are babywearing but, I would just be very cautious because the fall risk is high especially when you can’t see your feet if you are front carrying.

Once, you reach the the waterfall it is very deep and very fast. I wouldn’t recommend getting near the waterfall unless you are a very strong swimmer. That being said I think for older kids this hike is do-able, no problem! If you just have a toddler I think they would enjoy playing in the water where it is very shallow. The other thing to be aware of would be the lack of shade coverage. As you are moving towards the waterfall you are surrounded by mountains on either side. There is a little brush cover at the beginning but, overall the sun is straight above and there is no shade. Keep that in mind if you plan on bringing young kiddos.

Additional Tips for heading to Cibecue Falls

  1. Water. This should be a no brainier but, I am going to say the obvious. It is getting very hot and you never want to hit the trails unprepared. Do yourself a solid and avoid heat exhaustion.
  2. Sunscreen and Hats. Protect your skin people! Very little shade coverage
  3. Food and snacks (there is nothing near here to stop or get food that is close by)
  4. Extra socks – once you get back to your car you are going to want to swap out your socks that are completely drenched.
  5. Dry shoes . See point #3.
  6. Permit. You can’t access this hike without preparing in advance. You must get a permit to hike. There are rangers that check so come prepared.

BrittanyDonnelly_radswimCibecue FallsCibecue Falls _2

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