Babywearing at the Beach

Coming off our weekend in California I am filled with exhaustion and beautiful new memories of their first time at Disneyland! We hit our favorite go to beach near Los Angeles for some afternoon fun before a Saturday at the most magical place on earth.

For this post I’m going to focus on hitting the beach with a toddler and a baby. Keep in mind my baby is a very mobile little guy! Naps wouldn’t be made possible without my Tula. I have used the Baby Bjorn One, the Tula and Baby K’tan. My preference and go to baby carrier so far is the Tula. It has been my life saver during baby meltdowns.

The Tula offers the head protection to block out the sun and help snuggle my little guy when he is extremely tired and fussy. I love that the material on the carrier is very breathable and I don’t get overheated when wearing it. A must have for hot Arizona days and walking around the beach. My baby is pretty heavy (around 22lbs at 9 months-old) so I need some good back support. I don’t get this in the Baby K’tan for longer carriers. The lower back support feels stronger and more supportive compared to the Baby Bjorn All in One and the Baby K’tan for what I need in a carrier.

Another great thing about the Tula is that my husband is able to use the carrier as well if we need to take turns. The versatility of the carrier in these aspects is great! The only downside I have experienced so far is the inability to front face carry with this specific carrier. It’s not a huge problem since my little guy prefers to be carried when he is grouchy and needs a nap so he tends to fall asleep within moments of being worn.

Brittany Donnelly_BabyWearing

We let our boys play hard and long at the beach. We watch for signs when our little one needs a nap and then we bring out the carrier to get him down. It makes naps for us very painless. We have tried laying him down in the pop-up shade tent but, naps just don’t happen successfully for us.

As always you know your little one best and how they want to nap. We love being able to explore and experience new adventures when our kids our little. I just always try and remember to remain patient and roll with the changes as needed

Here are some must have items if you are planning on hitting the beach this summer with your little ones.

1. A wagon with nice big wheels. When I was pregnant with Cole, Mathew would just drag the stroller and all our stuff. Poor guy was like a pack mule. I was super pregnant and pretty useless when it came to helping with lifting anything. These wagons are awesome!! They help move the stuff easily through the sand and can be a place to have the baby sit while you are setting up your spot.

Baby Donnelly Wagon

2. Pop-up Shade. This is great for nursing and pumping. It allows me to have a bit of privacy when I’m pumping. Keeps the sun off our backs and creates a little spot if you can get the baby to nap. It’s the perfect little hideaway for snacks and a little reprieve from the sunshine.

3. Baby powder! This is a must have!! I discovered it last summer and omg this is a life changer. Once your day is over and you are heading back to the car. Rub the baby powder on the kids and off slides the sand. It will get 90% of the sand off right away making them more comfortable till you can get them in the bath.

I hope you found some useful information as you explore with your littles and soak in all the beauty summer has to offer.

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