Workout Clothes and Motherhood with BOÏDA Athletica

As a mom of 2 I am always on the hunt for cute, stylish workout clothes that work for my busy lifestyle. I am balancing working full time, juggling motherhood and finding time for my adventurous hobbies (aka climbing mountains) – let’s just say I truly don’t have much time left in my day. When it comes to the “task” of shopping and attempting to stay stylish I am the first to admit this is not my strength nor something I do very well. You will not find me hitting the malls for fun to aimlessly shop from store to store buying clothes. I don’t find shopping for clothes fun for me. On the flip side I love shopping for my boys and husband yet, when it comes to dressing myself I find it very overwhelming. I have tried ordering workout clothes online from some of those monthly subscription companies, I have tried hitting the mall and heading to the popular fitness companies with no success.

Challenges with the MomBod

I am extremely critical. It is difficult at times to fully embrace my new #mombod that I am coming to terms with. I need support, functionality and breath ability in my workout clothes. I really love how the sports bras at BOÏDA Athletica provide great coverage and support. I am still pumping and nursing and right now I really need that support along with durability in the material when I am doing yoga or hiking up a mountain. I don’t want to feel like I am going to pop out at any second.

Brittany Donnelly

I had the opportunity to try out BOÏDA Athletica. My favorite pieces of the collection so far are the “Courage”Yoga Workout Leggings and Sports Bra. I was skeptical at first. It looked super cute and looked like a cute designed top. My experience in the past is they are cute but, the support is compromised. I don’t find that to be true of their workout clothes at all.

BOÏDA Athletica is a Canadian 100% vegan active wear brand designed to motivate people to live life fully by reaching their highest standards of fitness.


BOÏDA aims to inspire people to shine their brightest light. Most of their active wear includes reflective material to allow people visibility for training indoors, outdoors, at any time of the day or night.

Learn more about BOÏDA Athletica here:

Thanks so much to BOÏDA Athletica  for sponsoring this post! Use promo code: brittany35 for 35% your order.


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