The Grand Falls | Northern Arizona

The Grand Falls with Mom and Kids

Talk about something right out of a Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory film. The Grand Falls are located just east of Flagstaff off the I 40. I had been yearning for adventure lately since Mathew has been gone at Army training the entire month of July so I braved the drive and took the boys out for an adventure. The Grand Falls was it! I love waterfalls and I absolutely love finding the “hidden” not so hidden places to explore with my kiddos. The day before I was sharing with Camden where we were going to go and his response was “Oh, wow – that is neat!” He was correct, it was very neat!

I got lost… of course.

Getting there was a bit of a challenge for me to say the least. I did some research prior to heading out but, still got lost. This is where I had a mild panic attack. No cell service, kids in the car and in the middle of nowhere. Thank goodness for snacks and pit stops. Up until the last hour I had made great time up north until I crossed that line stating I was entering Navajo Reservation territory. The Grand Falls does show up in Google Maps which is what I had been following however, it leads you to the side of the falls that you can’t access the stellar view ( see that silver car in the top picture.. that is the wrong side). Oh, and its an extra hour long. Don’t follow Google Maps!


Cell service is basically non-existent and the roads were extremely bumpy with no real clear outlook to this magnificent waterfalls people were talking about. As I was driving back one of my hiking friends and her boyfriend were heading up that way too and we had plans to meet once we arrived. She was sweet enough to help me find her! Thank goodness for pin drops. Turns out there was a turn just as you cross the line that says Entering Navajo Reservation Land where you are supposed to turn left and just follow that Navajo Route straight to the Grand Falls. We didn’t want to just give up after we made the drive and have come some close to seeing the Grand Falls. So, we kept going. Corrected our direction and headed to the Grand Falls.. the correct way this time!

Young Boy viewing Grand Falls

Now, once we got to the correct side… let’s just say we were able to witness the “Grand” aspect of the falls.. it was truly remarkable. We are lucky enough to go right after a monsoon had hit so the falls were very powerful. It really does look like chocolate flowing. Since, I had the boys with me I didn’t descend down because of the steep descend I didn’t want to risk falling with the baby carrier on or not being able to carry Camden if his legs got too tired. If I get the opportunity to go with just my husband you bet I am going to get closer!


Here are some blogs I found that are a more accurate in terms of getting to the Grand Falls in Arizona.

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