Cathedral Rock Trail, Sedona Arizona

I am in love with Sedona. I have had this hike on my “bucket” list for awhile and wanted this to be the first group hike I lead as an Arizona Ambassador of Women Who Explore.

Overall, the trail head was very easy to find. There was an abundance of great blogs with clear direction on how to find this specific trail head. I used instructions from the Arizona Hikers Guide to share with our group to ensure they would find the location. We got started pretty early – about 7:30AM. I am big about making sure we don’t get stuck in the heat if it can be avoided. There was about 5 of us and we made it up the mountain in about 90 minutes. That included the various stops and picture breaks we took along the way.


One thing I noticed about the Cathedral Rock Trail was how clean and clearly marked it was. There was very little room for error when we were going up the mountain. I really appreciated this because for the bulk of the hike I was staring down at my feet trying to make sure I didn’t fall! HA!

Moderate Difficulty Level

If you haven’t done this hike before I would consider it to be very moderate. It was hard at times due to the upward climbing but, very do-able and worth every view once you get to the top. I disagree with a couple of the blog posts that state it is dog and kid friendly. I would say that it is dog friendly for bigger dogs – there were parts that I couldn’t figure out how they would climb up and same comment goes for toddler and small children. If the kids were being carrier in a carrier or older I would say its “kid friendly”.


I wanted to share a couple items that I took with me on this hike. I get asked a lot what boots I use on my hikes so I went ahead and linked them below:

Brittany’s Must Have Hiking Gear

Keen Hiking Shoes. These are the first pair of hiking shoes that I have ever worn and they are AMAZING! The grip is great for climbing up rock surfaces. I used to slip a lot just wearing workout shoes and these boots provide a great deal of stability when I am climbing. Highly recommend them.

Camelback Hiking Backpack. I need to have a Camelback with the backpack component. I used to have one that only had the water reservoir on it and couldn’t fit some of my other must have items. The backpack allows me to pack my snacks, extra socks, towels if I am hiking somewhere with water, etc. I find that this one is nice for quick, day hikes. I have plenty of room for all my stuff plus my water.

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