Brittany Donnelly

Entering 2019 with #3

Well friends, we have some exciting news to share with you all. We recently announced that we are expecting another baby in 2019! YES! We are totally excited. Yes, I am starting to wonder what I am thinking with 2 toddlers at home already. LOL. Before we started trying I was pretty content on waiting to start the ttc journey until early 2019 maybe even mid 2019. Then something kind of clicked where I was like “yep, total and complete baby fever”. It was weird but, we just went with it. We got pregnant super fast and have started the whirlwind of day dreaming about what life will be like with 3 kiddos.

Expecting Baby 3

Sure, I am a little nervous but, mainly I am filled with a ton of excitement. I am feeling really lucky to be able to be pregnant and have the opportunity to grow our family.

The Most Common Question I Have Received:

  1. Are you trying for a girl? In case you don’t know. We have 2 boys already. 3 years old and 15 months. Nooo, my intention was not to get pregnant in hopes I get a girl. I really enjoy being a boy mom. In all honesty I would love another boy but, we are hoping to have a healthy baby with either gender. (Both grandma’s are hoping for a girl though!)


  1. Another C-section? Not sure yet. My doctor told me today that I can try for a VBAC if I would like. The reason for my c-section with Cole was he was breech and I was not a candidate for the attempted turning because I have a septum in my uterus (septate uterus) which is extremely common to have a breech baby due to the “wall” being present in the uterus. I am good with either way. I would prefer to have a delivery like Camden’s which was natural but, it is whatever is best for the health and safety of the baby.
  2. Am I going to keep working full-time? I am pretty sure. I mean my career fosters remote working and flexibility due to my specific role. I have been fortunate enough since becoming a mom to work in the office a few days a week, at home, when the boys are napping and at night. Honestly, it is what works best for my family and me. I like being productive in the work place and this type of schedule works great for me. I have never thrived in an environment where I have to do a strict 8-5 with 2x 15 min breaks and an hour lunch.  I hated that type of schedule when I was earlier in my career. Mathew is wrapping up his undergrad degree next year so we have a lot of upcoming changes and we will see how the year unfolds.

I am very blessed with all the support we have received so far. Thank you friends and family.


Feel free to send me all your questions and thoughts. I would love to share my journey and experiences with expecting moms, new moms and learn from moms with 3+ kids.


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