5 Easy Hikes Near Phoenix, Arizona

I haven’t been writing as much lately as there have been a lot of changes going on. Let’s see…the holidays came and went. I started a new job. Things have just been crazy! I wanted to compile a list of hikes for my friends out there who want to make it a goal for 2019 to get outside more and explore.

I know it can be overwhelming to figure out what hikes are good starter hikes to get you going and make sure you can feel comfortable, challenged and still finish it without feeling like your going to pass out. Ha! All over the Phoenix, area there are an abundance of hikes. However, they are all not created equal. Below are my recommendations on my favorite, easy hikes near the Phoenix, Arizona area.

1. Treasure Loop Trail in Lost Dutchman Park, Apache Junction

Located in Apache Junction, this hike is becoming one of my favorites. It’s extremely accessible to get to from the east valley. The trail head is clearly marked, there is a bit of an uphill incline to get your heart pumping but, nothing crazy. Along the hike there is a beautiful view of the Superstition Mountains.

2. Wave Cave Trail, Gold Canyon, Arizona

Another great east valley hike around the Superstition Mountains. This one I find to be a bit more on the moderate site just because I am not the best when climbing up mountains. I get out of breathe pretty fast and need to take breaks often — don’t let me slim statue fool you. LOL! This hike is really fun because once you reach the cave you have beautiful views of the Superstition Mountains and get to hang out in a cave which is just pretty cool on its own.

3. South Mountain Park, Phoenix, Arizona

This mountain range is very centrally located if you are looking for something closer to Phoenix. There are a TON of easy trails throughout this mountain preserve. South Mountain is one of my favorite places to do a sunset hike. The views of the city are just gorgeous. One thing about living in Arizona are the beautiful sunsets. More often then not our sunsets are filled with cotton candy skies.

4. Hole-in-the-Rock Trail, Papago Park, Phoenix, Arizona

A disclaimer with this one… It is not really a hiking trail to me but, more of a fun climbing challenge for my kids. It takes like 15-20 minutes to actually get up to the Hole-in-the-Rock. So it is not the hike to whip you into the best hiking shape of your life. However, it is really fun for the kids and to give them some freedom to climb independently.

Read more about this trail HERE

5. Hieroglyphics Trail, Superstition Mountains, Gold Canyon, Arizona

A very popular hiking trail in the east valley. It is considered an out-and-in hike. There are parts of it where the trail gets a little narrow which can be uneasy if you are new to baby-wearing or having small toddlers with you. However, it is completely do-able. Once, you get to the end it is very cool to see the hieroglyphics on the rock faces. It is great hiking option if you are looking for a local, quick workout to get the day started.

I also want to bring up that each one of these hikes I have mentioned I have done with my kids in tow. So I was either just baby-wearing when I had one child or I brought both of them with me. I think it is important to make note of that because it is one of my goals to ensure that I find safe, easy family friendly hikes while I am outdoors. Especially if I am going to bring the boys outdoors with me.

Read more about this trail HERE

Feel free to let me know if you have any questions or feedback. Happy Hiking!

Published by Brittany Donnelly

I'm Brittany Donnelly; curator and author of brittanydonnelly.com. I am officially a stay-at-home now, formerly a technical project manager. I am a mom of 2 and a proud Army wife with a love for hiking and traveling. Our home base is now Virginia. I have a passion for travel and adventure and want to inspire all of you to get out and see the world with your families.

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