Bring on New Adventures

We made it. We survived 2018.

I don’t know about all of you but, it was a very challenging year for me on many fronts. I felt like I was stuck in a dead-end career that was sucking my happiness. I was getting beat down with the demands of life and felt like I couldn’t just live my way. Struggling with the normal mom doubts and anxieties that come with raising children and wondering if you are doing enough. Maintaining and growing a marriage while juggling working full time and raising two toddlers. Learning to find somewhat of balance for “us” time. It was a challenge to say the least.

I am a big advocate for if you don’t like something in your life – fix it. Simple as that. Don’t continue to live in this unhappiness but, take control of it and change the situation or surroundings to be more like you want.

I was feeling stuck in a dead-end career so, I made the leap to a new position that is going to challenge, test and require me to grow. As long as I am working I want to keep growing and advancing so this was the perfect way to start my year. I needed this change.

This is a travel and adventure blog so, of course I am going to talk about how I can make sure I accomplish some personal travels in the upcoming year. I believe with all my soul that I am made to explore the outdoors. It is where I feel the happiest and most content in life. It is such a polar opposite to my work life and the environment that I spend my 40 hour work week. I want to seize more time to get my family and myself outdoors exploring. Even if that means we go for a couple mile walk down the street. No problem, it is better than the alternative of staying inside. My kids love being outside, especially my youngest. He is always pointing outside and tries to escape through the garage to get outdoors.


We did so many great things and went on so many adventures. I can’t wait to see what we evolve into this year. We have outlined so many great personal goals, family goals and some other big bucket list items that we want to hit. The great thing is everything feels obtainable – it all really seems like low hanging fruit. Which is very refreshing. In the past some goals and dreams honestly felt so out of reach but, I really don’t feel like that this year. I think the roller coaster of adventure of 2019 is going to be great.

Day 1 of January we traveled up to Greer, Arizona. I wanted to see some snow and play with the kids. So it sounded like a great adventure in theory. Parked at the trail head, kids are all suited up and melt down central begun. LOL! Camden didn’t like when the snow touched him or got on him. Cole was just cold no matter how much he was bundled up as a marshmallow. Overall, though it was fun. Mathew and I had a good time – road tripping, talking and bonding. I am happy to approach a fresh year with my family. Here we go 2019!


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