“A” Mountain, Hayden Butte Trail

I shared recently with you all that I made a change in my career. Previously, I was working more of a remote schedule with a pretty flexible time schedule however, it was very mentally draining and hindering me in a lot of ways so I needed to make a change. I stumbled upon a new opportunity that recognized my potential and gave me the increases that I needed. The main thing I am struggling with is the driving and commute. I am not a fan of driving, never have been. I haven’t driven to an office 5 days a week in years… 5-6 years exactly. I do recognize that I am very fortunate because it is only temporary and I will gain my remote time back in a couple months. I don’t have a firm schedule in place right now which again I know is rare for most of working America. I take the approach of the earlier I arrive the earlier I can get home, beat traffic and cook dinner with my family.

I get to work in a cool new area near Tempe, AZ with lots of stuff around so some of my little goals while I am around the area to work are to take advantage of these. Today was the first day, I really gave it ago.

  • I didn’t leave any early for work.
  • I didn’t miss out on any additional time away from my kids or husband.
  • I did opt to not make my Starbucks coffee run though however… and I am doing just fine.

These are non-negotiable for me because once work is over I want to get home and do my mom duties. I still have wants and needs too that I need to take care of to keep me happy and okay with the balance of working mom. Well, I can’t spend 2-4 hours driving up north to get a cool hike in this week so I settled for a quick little 30 min “hike” to get my heart rate and spend some time walking around outside with the dirt and rocks.

Did you know there is a little mountain butte right in the center of Tempe?

Officially called “Tempe Butte” but, most of us know it as “A” Mountain.

There is no cost to access this mountain just very limited parking near here. I went around 8AM this morning and was able to park on the street with a meter. If you go during later times it is typically a bit more challenging to get street parking so close. I highly recommend getting outside if you can and are near the area. What do you have to lose? My favorite time to hit this mountain butte is around sunset. It is just breathtaking. Nothing better than getting up there as the sun is falling over the city.

Happy Hiking!

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