Hieroglyphics Trail, Superstition Mountains Arizona

Don’t Miss This Hike – Hieroglyphics Trail, Superstition Mountains Arizona

I mentioned this hike previously when I wrote a piece on “5 Easy Hikes near Phoenix, Arizona” area but, I wanted to share more of each of those trails with you if you haven’t had the opportunity to visit any of them. Essentially a little deep dive into the various trails will push you to get out there and give them a try.

Here is some information on the trail specifics:

Hieroglyphics Trail, Superstition Mountains Arizona

  • 5 miles out and back trail
  • Located just east of Apache Junction in the community of Gold Canyon.
  • Fee – $0
  • Difficulty – easy to moderate (more towards the end there are some rocks that you will need to climb over)
  • Dog Friendly, Family Friendly

I love hiking for a view.

I love hiking towards a destination.

This hike is located just east passed Apache Junction in Gold Canyon. It can be a pretty populated hike when the weather is nice due to the length and appeal to see some cool markings at the end. Make sure you plan ahead and arrive early if possible to ensure you get a parking spot. I always hate when I am excited to go hiking and am all ready to go – then there is no parking. One of my biggest peeves. I just want to get out and go. To avoid this I try and arrive early whenever possible to enjoy the trail in the quiet without a ton of people.

The great thing about the Hieroglyphics Trail is it is considered very family friendly, dog friendly and great for beginners. There are a couple areas towards the end you have to be careful as you are using various rocks for balance to propel you forward however, there is not anything too out of reach.

I haven’t hiked this trail in about a year and half which now that I am thinking about it – makes me kind of sad. The last time my husband and I hiked this was in the afternoon around 4ish when we were heading to have a date night right after. We compromised because I wanted to go hiking and he wanted to go eat somewhere cool. This hike was selected because it wasn’t a huge drive out of the way and you can do it under an hour and half if you are short on time. I have hiked this while baby wearing with a front carry, a back carry in a structured hiking pack and with a toddler walking. It is very doable if you are up for the challenge.

When you get towards the end of the trail you can actually see Petroglyphs on the cliffs which is AMAZING. One of my favorite things about hiking in and around the Phoenix area is there are all these “hidden” not so “hidden” trails that make you feel like you are completely in another area all together. One moment you are driving to go get dinner at a popular chain then the next you are in the mountains surrounded by cactus viewing hieroglyphics on mountain cliffs.

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