In Our Backyard – South Mountain Park & Preserve, Phoenix, AZ

In Our Backyard – South Mountain Park & Preserve, Phoenix, AZ

When I was in college I lived over in the Ahwatukee which is just south of the South Mountain Park & Preserve in Phoenix, AZ. Looking back I didn’t take advantage of this park as much as I should have. It wasn’t uncommon for me to spend my Saturday mornings hiking around a few trails they have there but, I never really ventured out from the trails that I felt comfortable with – those typically were on the east side of the mountain preserve. There is so much to explore here which I need to carve out sometime and take advantage. Let me add this to my ever growing list of places to tackle in 2019 LOL!

Donnelly Sunset 2

This area is perfect for various skill sets. There are hikes for beginners to the advanced hiker. I have also hit these trails with our toddlers and while baby-wearing so from my perspective it is considered “family-friendly” from my perspective.

Here are some facts about the South Mountain Park & Preserve

  • There are over 51 miles of various hiking trails
  • Activities include hiking, trail running, mountain biking

The trail that I am extremely familiar with is the Beverly Canyon Trailhead.

  • Located at: 8800 S. 46th Street Phoenix, AZ (Baseline Road and 46th Street are the closest 2 major cross streets)
  • 2 mile loop trail

You can gain access to the trailhead from the parking lot at the end of 46th Street. You will pass by some apartment buildings which sit on the left. There are various signs that will start to lead you up the trail to ensure you are on the Beverly Canyon.

Be prepared when hitting the South Mountain Park & Preserve

  • There is very little to none shade cover on 90% of the trails at this park
  • Ideal time to hike at this park is winter-spring.
  • Hikers that are comfortable hiking in the Arizona heat hike here during the summer. I am one of them however, the goal is to go very early in the morning to avoid the excessive sun and heat.
  • Sunscreen – This is a must. You never know how long you are actually going to be out there. Many times, I will keep going and hop on another trail and soon my initial plan of hiking for only 2-3 hours doubles because I want to explore.
  • Head Protection i.e. (Hats and Sunglasses)
  • If you are bringing the babies and kids along always plan out routes prior to hitting the trails to ensure that you are prepared to minimize the risk of getting lost
  • Arrive early, this park is very popular. It is in the middle of the city and gets VERY crowded on the weekends.

I look forward to hearing all your adventures and how the hikes went out at the South Mountain Park & Preserve. Follow along on my adventures on Instagram @brittany.donnelly. I would like to hear from you and any recommendations you have for this blog.

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