Exploring The Blue Hole in Ocho Rios, Jamaica

The Blue Hole Waterfall in Jamaica_Ocho Rios

The Blue Hole, Ocho Rios, Jamaica

First day back in the office and I have Jamaica on my mind as we just returned yesterday. Talk about a fun and recharging vacation. It was our first kid free vacation since having Cole in 2018.

Jamaica really is a paradise.


We opted to stay in Ocho Rios, Jamaica due to the convenience of all the excursions in the area. But, keep in mind it is about 2 hours from the Montego Bay Airport. One of the things we noticed before arriving right away was how expensive transportation is in Jamaica. Since everything is imported the cost of some things was very expensive and I didn’t want to spend all of our funds on transportation compared to excursions and adventures.


When I was doing my research I stumbled upon this body of water that is known as The Blue Hole. It looked like a turquoise body of water surrounded in the forest. Who wouldn’t want to see that? I started researching the area and how much it was. At first glance some companies were charging crazy, high prices to give you an “exclusive tour”.

My little tip to you.

Always dig a little deeper and try and find the main website to really see what is needed and costs of admission. I was able to find a guide the included transportation to and from our AirBnB and was also 50% cheaper than any other of the popular tour guide websites.

We were the first ones there! It was our mission to miss the cruise ship people because we knew it would be overly crowded and busy. It was amazing having the entire place to ourselves. Not only did we get to swim in The Blue Hole but, we got to jump off waterfalls and jump off ledges into the various pools!


It felt unreal and like a dream. One day hanging out in Arizona the next day swimming in this beautiful water in the Jamaican Forest. I didn’t realize at the time of booking that we would be climbing up waterfalls and then jumping off them into the water. Mathew took advantage of jumping off from all the high vantage points. I opted to do the medium/smaller jumps. I am so glad I didn’t chicken out! I almost did for a brief second but, wanted to make sure I didn’t leave there with any regrets of not taking advantage of everything I could have.


Another cool thing was they had a photographer that was following along which took some cool shots of us jumping off the waterfalls. It was nice not having to worry about taking pictures when someone else was capturing all the adventure.

If you are heading to Jamaica and want to check out The Blue Hole I highly recommend using this tour company. Very reliable, showed up on time and made sure everything was smooth for us along the way.


Excursions in Jamaica (Karandas Tours)


Stay tuned for more posts on Jamaica coming soon!

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