A Hidden Beach in Ocho Rios Jamaica

Sugarpot Ruins Beach, Ocho Rios Jamaica

When I was preparing for our trip to Ocho Rios, I was searching all over the place to find the best beaches in the area. We were going to Jamaica, I knew there was going to be beaches all over so what was the big deal of finding one. Well, I wanted to make sure we didn’t have to fight the crowds of cruise ship guests. I wanted to ensure it was going to be safe and well kept.


After tons of research and recommendations we decided to have a chill beach day at Sugarpot Ruins Beach in Ocho Rios Jamaica.

Our Airbnb was located in Ocho Rios and for the most part we decided to walk a lot of the time because we wanted to experience a more local experience while we were staying there. However, we opted to arrange a driver to take us to this beach. Looking back I am very glad as it is off the beaten path. As we were driving we went through fisherman village and it looked like we were driving aimlessly to know where until we reached the entrance to the property. There were no other guests there yet, which was pretty cool. We got a tip from our Airbnb host to order food right when you get there because it does take a little while. Do this! The food does take a little longer then we are used to but, OMG, is it AMAZING!


We rented chairs and just relaxed listening to the waves. I actually fell asleep. It was amazing. We just watched the water, played in the ocean, got some sun and enjoyed the peace and quiet. No kids, no commotion – just us.


Things to know before going to Sugarpot Ruins Beach and Restaurant:

  1. They do charge an entrance fee
  2. There is a fee for the lounge chairs
  3. Order the food at least an hour before you need to eat
  4. Arrange a pickup time with a driver to come back as the cell service wasn’t always the sharpest in the area.
  5. Bring some water with you so you don’t have to keep over paying for bottled water

Unplug and recharge. This is by far one of my most relaxing beach experiences. Mathew and I have spent many days and hours hanging by the beach before we had kids and I can say that I have never just fallen asleep before. Could be #momlife or it was just the most peaceful environment – my vote is for option 2. If you find yourself heading to Ocho Rios, Jamaica in the future be sure to add Sugarpot Ruins Beach on the list of activities you don’t want to miss this beauty.


Published by Brittany Donnelly

I'm Brittany Donnelly; curator and author of brittanydonnelly.com. I am officially a stay-at-home now, formerly a technical project manager. I am a mom of 2 and a proud Army wife with a love for hiking and traveling. Our home base is now Virginia. I have a passion for travel and adventure and want to inspire all of you to get out and see the world with your families.

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