Poppy Fields, Lake Elsinore

It has been a moment since I have had a chance to catch up on some of my recent adventures now that I am officially a SAHM!

Recently, I found myself up in California around the Pomona area. While I was up there I wanted to take a moment and checkout Lake Elsinore which was all over Instagram and had me day dreaming of what it actually was like.

Fields of flowers and hiking sounded like a dream for me.

Let me start by how over crowded and over populated this small area and trail was. I went on Thursday around noon thinking it wouldn’t be that busy. I was wrong ha!

There was local staff directing traffic to park in a “dirt parking lot” and then guided everyone towards the main trailhead.

At first glance I noticed very few poppies left as many were trampled down due to people walking and over taking the area. There was a very distinct trail you could see that wraps around the valley. I wasn’t able to hike the entire trail because of how busy it was.

I just want to stress how important it is to preserve the area. Remain on trail and don’t damage nature when possible. We want to be able to witness and see these beauties in the future. I am very happy I got to see this place in person and take it all in with my own eyes. There really is a difference witness something first hand compared to a picture.

Who else made it to see the California Super Bloom?


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