McAfee Knob | Roanoke, VA

We are in Roanoke, Virginia

Now that we are out here in Roanoke – yes, we moved! We have been in Virginia about a month now and wanted to go out and try our first “big” hike. We had received a lot of recommendations to hit up the McAfee Knob Trail. This trail is right in our backyard – only 20-25 minutes from our house. Coming from Arizona where we had to drive 45 minutes to 2 hours to get to some local hikes this has me so excited.


Here are some facts about the McAfee Knob Trail

  1. No Fee to access!
  2. Its on the Appalachian Trail  – it is said to be one of the most photographed spots on the Appalachian Trail
  3. Tallest Mountain in the area
  4. Elevation reaches 3,197

Getting there was pretty painless. We grabbed the coordinates from AllTrails app and used that to get to the correct parking lot and the correct trailhead which was very easy to identify. Something I have noticed in Virginia is how great they mark their trails. Being able to find the trails and stay on trail with their color coding has been amazing. We have been actively hiking during winter so the trails are covered by leaves and challenging to see at times. Having the trees marked is a helpful advantage as we are getting our bearings out here.

We did this hike toddler free. Mainly because we knew there was going to be lots of climbing and it is on the longer side. Our trackers logged around 8.5 miles round trip when the hike was done and we were back at our truck.


I would rate this hike a moderate to hard.

The stairs were hard on me. I struggle with hikes that have just straight up climbing with some switchbacks. The last mile was the most challenging. We didn’t take the Fire Rd. up to the Knob we hiked the designated trail.

These views… magnificent

We started about 9AM and arrived at the top around 11:30AM. There was only one other couple at the top. It was nice and quiet. Sweeping views of the valley for miles.  For our trek down we did opt for taking the Fire Rd. back to the truck mainly because we were exhausted.


If you are looking for a challenging hike with great views all year round and a good workout this is it. It had everything we look for in a hike. Challenge, gains, views and nature.

If you have hiked this trail I would love your thoughts and feedback on the McAfee Knob Trail. Comment below or send me a message. 

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