Kid Friendly Virginia Waterfall Hike

Kid Friendly Virginia Waterfall Hike

We hold the tradition that many others do on the first of the year –  First Day Hikes!


As we packed up the car to take off on our First Day Hike in Virginia I still wasn’t a 100% where I wanted to take the kids. I was deciding between Carvins Cove and Roaring Run…at the last moment I changed our route and headed to Eagle Rock, Virginia to do a waterfall hike. From our experience coming from the west coast waterfalls aren’t the easiest thing to see or get to especially with toddlers and children along for the hike.

We were excited when we got told about the Roaring Run Falls hike. It offered a couple different trails to get to the waterfall and both were under 2 miles.

The Roaring Run Falls Hike is an out and back trail. There are quite a bit of a bridges along the way which can be perfect excitement for young children to keep them moving forward along the path. For our kids if they can see something up ahead that is great motivation for them. Benches, bridges, maps, signs — these all work great to keep younger hikers moving forward and make for a kid friendly Virginia waterfall hike. It is also a great learning tool when you are teaching young children how to stay on path and to look out for their surroundings.


This Kid Friendly Virginia Waterfall Hike was ideal for our first hike of the New Year. We followed the creek all the way up to the top of the Roaring Run Falls. We stopped along the way for snacks, took some fun pictures. Of course, any hiking trail adventure wouldn’t have been complete if we didn’t climb on something fun on the way to the top.


Our boys are 4 and 2 so, we don’t baby wear anymore. Our 4 year old can hike the entire time out and back as long as we break and rest when he needs to. Our 2 year old son can hike a good 70% of the way – we just usually carry him out on the way back as his legs still tire easily. 


If you are looking for a kid friendly Virginia waterfall hike I highly suggest giving this one a try. I used the Alltrails app to give me the directions which I plugged into Google Maps.

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