Exploring the Dominican Republic during COVID-19

I was itching to go somewhere and stumbled upon some inexpensive flights to the Dominican Republic. I figured why not after a successful trip to Mexico, I thought we could handle it. I dove head first into researching how it the country was handling things with covid and what would actually be open for us to do if we went there. At the time that we visited at the end of July 2020 through middle of August. The country did have an active curfew in place. The curfew was as follows when we were there:

Monday- Friday to return home by 7PM and Saturday and Sunday to return home by 5PM

Since the boys were coming along like normal we figured that there wouldn’t be much difference since most of our exploring would be during the day.

Boca Chica, Dominican Republic
Enjoying some fresh fruit outside of our Airbnb in Boca Chica, Dominican Republic

Boca, Chica, Dominican Republic

The first leg of our trip we were going to stay in Boca Chica, Dominican Republic. This is the “beach town” that is closest to Santo Domingo.

During my research I read nothing but, good things about this busy island town. I booked an airbnb and sadly it was a bust. It was extremely tiny and didn’t actually have wifi which was a problem mainly because were there to work for two weeks in edition to exploring.

We tried to make the best of it by exploring the area. We walked to the main beach area, it was closed but, we were able to walk and look at the water. It didn’t really strike me as a beach I would hangout even if I could. All the tourist stores by the beach were closed so really it was just a lot of working during the day, swimming and walking around at night. We ended up leaving Boca Chica after a few days and stayed in Santo Domingo to get access to more things that a bigger city had to offer.

We choose to stay at the Catalonia Santo Domingo. It was beautiful. Typically we dont stay at resorts but, figured why not since everything was closed and it made eating late a bit easier since the resort had various restaurants inside.

Pool view at Catalonia Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

We relied on Uber for exploring the city. My favorite part of the trip was exploring the Zona Colonia. There were so many things in this area that I wanted to see:

Zona Colonia, Dominican Republic
  • Basilica Cathedral of Santa Maria la Menor
  • National Pantheon
  • Monasterio de San Francisco

All these things were about 5-10 minutes walking from each other which made for a nice morning before it go to humid.

Calle Jose Reyes
Pool view at Catalonia Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic sits on a cliff which creates beautiful views but, if you are looking for a beach town, this isn’t it. I would recommend going on the other side of the island for that blissful, turquoise beach water you might be hunting for.

I hope you enjoy the rich history that Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic provides. It is a beautiful town that is rich in history and culture.

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